New server and bitcoin donations

Movim keeps getting improving a step at a time and now boasts a responsive design layout, a better and much faster database access layer and customizable CSS3 elements like the page background.


Perhaps you’ve heard that Mozilla has released its new mobile operating system Firefox OS. This new operating system is a breath of fresh air in a market that focuses much of its development into repackaging HTML5 and javascript websites into native “apps”. Indeed Firefox OS lets developers create an application to run on their platform by simply adding a description file to it, the OS is entirely written in HTML5 and javascript itself so websites just run natively on it.

At Movim we’re very excited by this new opportunity and we plan to release Movim as a webapp for Firefox OS. This means that we could be the second social platform on the Mozilla marketplace (after Twitter) and get more attention from the general public.

That also means that our existing server platform will not suffice to back a webapp. So we’ve invested into an AWS instance that now runs Movim’s reference pod. This isn’t an official pod, as we insist we will never have one. However it will be maintained by us and kept in sync with the development trunk. And thus it has all the goodness you’ll find in the next version!


Before you rush to the new pod, consider making us a small donation. We already supported Flattr, and now we also accept donations in Bitcoin. We try to run with minimal expenses, but still need a bit of money to cover the domain names and AWS hosting.

You can now check out the latest code, or go ahead and try out the latest and greatest pod!

8 thoughts on “New server and bitcoin donations

  1. Instead of jumping to be “second” on Mozilla OS, why don’t you focus on getting Movim stable and easily installed. Have you even tested trying to register new accounts with a number of XMPP servers? Obviously not. You would see that you are having field display issues when XMPP servers present registration forms. Including issues with Captchas.

    Also, have you tested across browsers? Chrome? Firefox? IE? Opera? It does not appears so since there are inconsistent display renderings which are easily addressed in conditional coding or styling.

    This is a problem with many half-baked hobby projects turned in to an open source effort. Dreams are bigger than the current state of the software. First rule, secure the base of the software, test, test, test, re-install, make sure every thing is working before you proceed with the grandiose vision.

    • Why be so demanding? The work is done on a voluntary basis and no one is paid to do. This means that nobody profits, and that this project is not even financially independent, its designers spend money to offer on the Internet, free of charge, at all.

      Developers do what they like, that’s enough.

      We accept criticism from people involved in the community. If you are not happy, just give your time.

  2. Hello! Do you know how many developpers actively work on the project? Indeed, you don’t know, otherwise you won’t give general advice but you help the project making bug report and making fixes. Do you really think that IE users (from version 6 to the last one) care about such small free project ? (and have you already tried to support every IE version for a simple website?) Seriously, I think you don’t know how many work was already engaged to support XMPP using free web hosting tools and I doubt that this project is enough big to think about testing, testing and testing…

    • Hello Adrien :) An only developer is actively working on Movim, but many developers have already worked on this project in the past!

  3. Exactly my point. Don’t use excuses. All too often developers make excuses as to why the core does not work. Do not open source this if it’s just 2 guys in a garage having fun coding. If you are serious about moving Movim forward then address the core issues and resolve.

    • First, I want to clarify you that I’m not a devlopper, but a movim user.

      Then, I wasn’t making excuses, but I wanted to stress you the actual situation of the project.

      Finally, I think you missunderstood this project: that’s not an open-source stable project, but it’s a free (as in free speech) in developpement project.

      Indeed, the goal isn’t to make the project alone in its garage, stabilize it and make it only after that open-source, because the most project working like that doesn’t have a community after they were open-sourced and are just dead project on the web (see WebOS from HP, from Oracle [before they give it to the Apache fondation], …) .

      The goal of making it free isn’t to simply “share fun coding”, but it’s to create a community around the project to have more tests, bug reports and to adapt the project to user’s need and not to decide what a user will need or not (and making bad choice because nobody need such tool, but you can’t know that before you open-source the project).

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