Movim 0.4 is out!

After several months of development, version 0.4 of Movim is finally out!

This new release contains the following improvements:

  • A very big bug was fixed on the session stability. It affected the identifiers of the BOSH session. For more details, have a look here.
  • Many widgets have been rewritten and cleaned up to benefit from the latest improvements in the widgets’API.
  • A lot of work was done on the cache, almost all data from the XMPP server are now copied in the database so the end users’session is always persistent, even after a rough page reload.
  • The roster (contacts list) was rewritten so as to reorganise it and make it clearer. Contacts are now sorted by status, clicking on a contact opens up his profile, and clicking on the small bubble next to the name opens up a chat window.
  • The chat was improved and now caches the last 20 messages. It also indicates when the contact is composing a new message.
  • A lot of work was done on the feeds, and we implemented the Microblogging XEP. Users can now write and send messages on their feeds and read their contacts’feeds and comments instantly.

And many new features were added:

  • The avatars are now processed with the GD library, then cached in the web browser for several hours. This way the pages generated by Movim are only a few kB of HTML code ; the CSS and javascript code are also cached in the browser.
  • Movim now supports account creation on both the node and the XMPP server. The implementation handles many error cases and notifies the user as to what problem was encountered while creating the account (existing username, weak password etc.).
  • When a new message is receive in Movim and the page is in the background, a [1] is prepended to the page title, and an HTML5 notification (soon to be standardised) is emitted. Firefox users need to intall this add-on to benefit from this feature.
  • Two small patches allow Movim to be installed on HTTPS-only servers and to communicate with the XMPP server through a proxy.

You can find more details on the 0.4 roadmap.

Finally, the page was created to list all known Movim servers on which you can create an account an try the software in a couple of clicks.

You can download this new release over there.

Have fun!

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