Movim 0.7.2 release

Hi everyone !

After a long silence we are proud to announce the 0.7.2 version of Movim. This is quite a big update with a lot of new features.

The database layer : Modl2

Since the 0.7 version, Movim is based on a brand new database library called Modl (for Movim Data Layer). With this release, Modl has been totally rewritten with two major updates :

  • The requests are now in standard SQL and are executed threw the PDO PHP extension. That way, they can be ported easily on different database engines. Since this major improvement Movim can be installed on MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Modl is also shipped with a new tool called SmartDB. This awesome feature can detect the state of your current database and update it properly when you update the Movim source-code by creating dynamically the columns and the keys. So, when Movim will be updated, the data stored on your database will be preserved.

Theses two features have also been integrated in the admin panel.

XMPP Support

Movim now support the XEP-0084: User Avatar. With this new feature the contacts pictures are updated dynamically.

The Bookmark/Subscription system has also been totally rewritten to prevent some minor issues.

Lot of bugs have been fixed in the Group feature :

  • Clean properly the database on unsubscription and post deletion
  • Handle correctly the group configuration form
  • Display more information on the Explorer and Server page (such as the subscription state and the current number of posts in each Groups)
  • Add the support of Youtube links (display some thumbnails of the video)
  • Some optimizations on the CSS of the posts for the mobile version
  • Posts links are now more clearly displayed (with a little favicon)
  • Lot of old code has been cleaned up

Some bugs have also been fixed in the chat-room feature which is still in a “development stage”.

In the Movim Core

The Movim log system has been fully rewritten by Jérôme Ilune. It can handle more properly the internal errors and events and greatly simplify the development and debugging of the source-code.

A huge optimization of the source-code has been made, especially in the XMPP event handler and dispatcher. The authentication on the XMPP account is now up to 10 times faster than the previous release. This enhancement is probably the most visible in all the modifications made in this release.
I hope you will enjoy this release, you can download it on Launchpad. You can also test it on the demonstration pod :

Ubuntu Party Paris 13.04: Podcast of the conference

Vincent has given a conference in french last week, on the 2nd June.

Vincent at the conference

Vincent at the conference

We are also pleased to announce that the PSES2013 (Pas Sage en Seine 2013, in Paris) has invited us to present Movim at this event!
=> You can meet us on the saturday 22th June from 6.30PM to 7.30PM

New server and bitcoin donations

Movim keeps getting improving a step at a time and now boasts a responsive design layout, a better and much faster database access layer and customizable CSS3 elements like the page background.


Perhaps you’ve heard that Mozilla has released its new mobile operating system Firefox OS. This new operating system is a breath of fresh air in a market that focuses much of its development into repackaging HTML5 and javascript websites into native “apps”. Indeed Firefox OS lets developers create an application to run on their platform by simply adding a description file to it, the OS is entirely written in HTML5 and javascript itself so websites just run natively on it.

At Movim we’re very excited by this new opportunity and we plan to release Movim as a webapp for Firefox OS. This means that we could be the second social platform on the Mozilla marketplace (after Twitter) and get more attention from the general public.

That also means that our existing server platform will not suffice to back a webapp. So we’ve invested into an AWS instance that now runs Movim’s reference pod. This isn’t an official pod, as we insist we will never have one. However it will be maintained by us and kept in sync with the development trunk. And thus it has all the goodness you’ll find in the next version!


Before you rush to the new pod, consider making us a small donation. We already supported Flattr, and now we also accept donations in Bitcoin. We try to run with minimal expenses, but still need a bit of money to cover the domain names and AWS hosting.

You can now check out the latest code, or go ahead and try out the latest and greatest pod!